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We all love food, but not everyone knows how to prepare healthy meals from scratch in the time they have available and on a budget.  That’s where we come in. Our team of volunteers works with groups in the local community in and around Bedford to teach these fundamental skills in fun, relaxed workshop settings.  

We are passionate about empowering everyone from school children and their parents, to adult  community groups to make better food choices by equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to shop, cook and eat more healthily and cheaply.

We run various courses that are designed around the age range and needs of the participants.  We have a very popular Fakeaway course. This consists of 6 weekly sessions cooking the food you might traditionally buy from somewhere like McDonalds such as burgers, chicken nuggets etc.  We show how easy it is to make these meals at home for a fraction of the cost as well as how much better they are nutritionally.  

Our Dad’s Dinners courses bring together dads and their children to have fun together learning how to make a variety of cheap and healthy meals.

While our Kinder Kitchen gives nursery school age children and their parents one to one time together to make food that is appropriate for this younger age group.

And our Mood Food course shows through practical cookery and interactive discussions how food can affect our minds as well as our bodies.

Not forgetting our Veggie Table course which highlights the variety of ways that vegetables can be used to provide very tasty, very nutritious and very cheap meals.

Although our courses are, of course, very focussed on food and how it can be best used to prepare healthy, cost-effective food from scratch they bring wide ranging other benefits to attendees.

Benefits include:

  • Time together uninterrupted by other people or phones
  • Improving confidence through learning new skills
  • Encouraging adults and children to try new foods and activities increases their willingness to try other things together that they wouldn’t usually
  • Bringing in hard to reach people. For example schools have told us that some parents who have attended our courses with their children have not previously engaged in other ways
  • Increasing family cohesion
  • Better behaviour and study results from better fed children
  • Teaching children practical fine motor and numeracy skills
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Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering with us or your organisation/clients would benefit from the community meals or cookery lessons that we provide. We can deliver in our services in a variety of ways mostly at no cost to organisations so let’s talk!

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