Food etc cookery workshops questionnaire

Cookery Workshop Questionnaire

Venue:____­­­­­__________________________             Date:__________


What did you learn at Food etc’s cookery workshops?

  • New recipes Yes / No
  • How to use different ingredients Yes / No
  • How to cook more healthily             Yes / No
  • How to cook more cheaply Yes / No
  • Anything else? _____________________________________

Which of these things about the course did you enjoy?

  • Spending time with my child             Yes / No
  • Increasing my cooking confidence             Yes / No
  • Growing my child’s cooking confidence Yes / No
  • Learning to cook more varied meals Yes / No
  • Saving money on our food bills Yes / No
  • Anything else? ____________________________________

Has going on this course increased the number of meals you cook at home from scratch?

Yes / No

Has going on this course increased how often you and your family sit together at mealtimes

Yes / No

Would you like to go on another Food etc cookery workshops course?

Yes / No

How could we make the course better for you? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________

This data will be made anonymous if shared with other organisations

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