Introducing Mood Food

Our newest course addition to the Food etc cookery workshops portfolio, Mood Food, is a programme designed to explore the key impact of nutrition on mental health.

A Closer Look:

Mood Food was first piloted at Bedford Women’s Centre, with a group of women struggling with anxiety and/or depression.

How We Did It:

At the heart of Mood Food lies a simple yet effective framework focusing on 12 key nutrients known to influence brain health. Each session revolved around a specific mealtime, featuring a selection of recipes and ideas which incorporate these essential nutrients.

The Feedback Speaks Volumes:

The response from participants was overwhelming, with heartfelt testimonials reflecting the transformative power of Mood Food:

“Thank you for transforming my life, you have given me hope for a brighter future.”

“The course has been such a turning point; I am full of dread and fear no more.”

“You have all made such a difference to my daily life. It feels like a godsend.”

“Jennie, I will never forget you. You have dragged me out of the hell hole I was in.”

“Thank you for accepting me as I am. You have all had such a profound impact on me.”

“I want to bottle up these memories and feelings from this course in our Kilner jars!”


Why It Worked So Well:

  • Community: Participants bonded over shared experiences, creating a supportive environment where stories, problems, and triumphs were openly exchanged.
  • Simple Recipes: The course emphasized simplicity, ensuring that recipes were easy to follow and required no advanced culinary skills, making it accessible to all.
  • Accessible Ingredients: By utilizing affordable and readily available ingredients from stores like Aldi & Lidl, Mood Food remained inclusive and budget-friendly.
  • Basic Cooking Facilities: Demonstrating that delicious and nutritious meals can be prepared with basic equipment, participants were empowered to replicate the recipes at home effortlessly.
  • Eating Together: The communal act of enjoying the prepared dishes at the end of each session fostered connection and joy, providing a platform for feedback exchange and further strengthening bonds among participants.

Witnessing the impact Mood Food has had in just 4 short weeks been nothing short of inspiring for us at Food etc. The joy of seeing individuals find solace, hope, and empowerment through the simple act of nourishing their bodies and minds has been immensely gratifying. It reaffirms our commitment to creating meaningful programs that make a tangible difference in people’s lives. 

We’re honoured to have been a part of this journey, and would love to hear from anyone either wanting to sponsor this programme, or feels they would benefit from participating.

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