Food etc reaches finals of business awards

Food etc has been selected by a judging panel of top Bedfordshire business people as a finalist in two prestigious categories at the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce SME Bedfordshire Business Awards. These nominations celebrate Food etc’s commitment to empowering people to make better food choices by teaching them to cook nutritious, cheap and tasty meals from scratch.

Food etc is a contender for both the Bedford Business of the Year, sponsored by Bedford Borough Council, and the Community Business of the Year, sponsored by Talk UK Telecom.

While Food etc is relatively new having only properly started in September 2022 post the pandemic restrictions that prevented their team from working in schools, they are already making a significant impact in Bedford.

Food etc director and founder Julie Clay said: “Food etc offers a range of workshops and classes designed to demystify cooking and make healthy eating accessible to all. By focusing on inexpensive, wholesome ingredients, we ensure that people who attend our courses learn to prepare meals that are both delicious and budget-friendly. This approach not only promotes better nutrition but also enhances the communities that our team works with in other ways too.”

The Bedford Business of the Year award recognises enterprises that demonstrate outstanding business practices and contribute positively to the local economy. Food etc’s innovative approach is making a difference to people’s lives through food education so aligns well with the values this award seeks to honour.

The Community Business of the Year award highlights organisations that have a profound impact on their communities. Food etc’s initiatives bring a variety of people together, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. Their efforts in educating and empowering residents to make healthier food choices exemplify the spirit of this award. Their partners include 15 Bedfordshire primary schools, nursery schools, young carers, Bedford Women’s Centre and King’s Arms Project.

Being named a finalist in these categories emphasises Food etc’s pivotal role in Bedford. Their work not only nourishes the body but also strengthens the community, proving that good food can indeed bring people together and drive positive change.

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