Tell us a little about yourself

I am from Bedford, love to have my friends and family over for meals and barbecues and really enjoy how food can bring people together!

Why did you decide to volunteer with Food etc?

Working shifts as a nurse I sometimes have free time in the week that I wanted to spend doing something in the community.  Volunteering with Food etc is flexible and also means I can meet lots of new people and hopefully pass on some skills that will help in their lives and learn some skills to take home myself too.

What do you enjoy most about working with Food etc?

Spending time with children and their families brings lots of fun and smiles.  I have really enjoyed working in teams with other volunteers to deliver sessions and like the community aspect of Food etc, everyone is so supportive.

Have you had any challenges?

Each kitchen has its own challenges in terms of kit that is there to use (or not!).  But we work round it and it can be surprising what you can still whip up with a few resources.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with Food etc?

Give it a go!  At first it felt out of my comfort zone but I have loved getting to know different families and facilitating the opportunity for them to make memories together (and some tasty food).  And if you need help just ask – we are all in it together!

What’s your go to healthy meal – inspire us?

I don’t make anything too complicated at home but for something filling and straight forward I like to make cottage or shepherds pie (with a bit of cheese on top!).