Tell us a little about yourself

I’m Julia, I live in Bedford and am passionate about helping and giving back. I run a catering business and wanted to be able to reach out and help others to learn how to cook basic recipes.

Why did you decide to volunteer with Food etc?

I had previously been volunteering in a care home but this came to an end and I love about teaching others how to cook so Food etc was a great fit for me.

What do you enjoy most about working with Food Etc?

I love Food etc! it’s great to meet people, help them to create food they might not have had the confidence to make. To see them learning new skills is absolutely amazing.

Have you had any challenges?

It can be challenging getting to know venues and where everything is, to be ready to start cooking.

What’s your go to healthy meal – inspire us?

I love a chicken Caesar salad, it’s health and tasty! And I must admit I am a dessert person at heart, my favourite is coffee and walnut cake, yum.