Tell us a little about yourself

I’ve lived in Bedford for the last 15 years and previously worked for Tech companies. Over the years we made and sold all sorts of kitchen appliances….from deep fat fryers to breadmakers and steam ovens. So, our shed is full of retired appliances!

Why did you decide to volunteer with Food etc?

I have experienced the positive benefits of cooking and eating tasty and nutritious food. Food etc are passionate about helping to inspire people about the fun and benefits of healthy cooking,

What do you enjoy most about working with Food Etc?

The volunteers are from really varied backgrounds, but all share the same passion to want to inspire others how to cook and eat tasty and nutritious food.

And Food etc are doing this in and around Bedfordshire.

Have you had any challenges?

The biggest challenge has been making sure that I can run the activity so it’s fun and interactive for younger children.

What would you say to someone considering volunteering with Food Etc?

Come along to some of our events and meet our Volunteers and the attendees on our courses. Have a look at our website and Social Media pages as they give a good overview of what we do.

What’s your go to healthy meal – inspire us?

It’s dhaal (lentils) and rice…super tasty, easy to cook and there’s loads of recipes to try.